Other | Games | Math
Divide the figures into the required quantity
of pieces with the limited number of cuts.
Classroom Kiss
Other | Games | Math | Kissing
Take your test but sneak in a kiss whenever
you can. Have fun stopping the other girl
flirting with
Bus Driver's Math
Animal | Games | Math
Calculate whether the money paid by the
passenger is enough.
Extreme Maths
Other | Games | Math
Put your maths skills to the test in the fast
paced question based snowboarding game!
Answer the que
Skater Math
Other | Games | Math
Go skate your way through this math skills
game. Practice your arithmetic.
Magical World of Mathematics
Animal | Games | Math
Little duck came to the mathematical world,
it is now only a quick run and answer math
problems so t
Ben 10 Mathrix
Kids | Games | Math
Hi,kids, are you good at maths? If you get
the right answer, the little warrior will
turn to super h
Counting Cards
Other | Games | Math
Reach the target number by clicking on the
cards that total the target. You will only
have 10 second
Jungle Brain
Animal | Games | Math
There is a hidden treasure in the jungle and
you want to find it. Solve all the questions,
but be ca
Mickey and Friends Coloring Math Game
Coloring | Games | Math
Try your math skills and creative side all
Winnie and Friends Coloring Math Game
Kids | Coloring | Games | Math
Use your math skills to get the right color.
Puzzle | Games | Math
The objective of the game is to find a path
of numbers, which follow the mathematical
rule on the le